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Children’s Theater & Game Room Donation

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Miami Children’s Hospital

Since 2009, AHT and Michael Fux have made several donations to the Miami Children’s Hospital. The first donation was a children’s theater in 2009 called the Michael Fux Family Center. The center also features a full kitchen, showers, laundry facility, performance center, gym, and an art and game room.

In 2013, AHT and Michael Fux donated to the Miami Children’s Hospital once again to create the FuXplor Room. The FuXplor Room has been outfitted with a 90” HD screen, Xbox Kinect, and three sensory interaction displays. The new room is geared toward children with special needs. However, the room can also be used by all families and children. Children of all ability levels will be able to interact with displays using gestures and voice commands. Some upcoming future upgrades include Ground FX equipment, which will produce visual effects on various surfaces, track body position, and allow for real-time interaction with the projected images. These technologies not only provide special needs children with much needed fun, but can also be part of a therapeutic treatment process.

AHT is honored to have contributed to facilities that enable the comfort, care, and convenience for the families of children who are fighting heart wrenching illnesses.