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The Fairchild   Building Integration

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The Fairchild showroom is equipped with a state-of-the-art control system that allows management to easily control lights, shades, audio, video, thermostats, security and more. In addition, the control solution gives agents the ability to showcase the technology that will be available for future residences at The Fairchild. This makes it easier for a prospective buyer to understand the technology and ease of use.

Breaking-ground in 2017

Building construction will begin in 2017. AHT will pre-wire the building for lighting, motorized shades, and other residential technology that will be available for homeowner upgrades. In addition, AHT will design the technology for the common areas throughout The Fairchild.

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AHT has been commissioned to design a world-class control solution for the showroom and future residential building called The Fairchild in Coconut Groove, Florida.

The Fairchild name is meant to evoke the nearby Fairchild Tropical Botanic Gardens in Coral Gables, one of Miami’s most famous and prized points of interest.

Fast Facts on the Fairchild Condo in Coconut Grove

  • 26 Units
  • 5 Stories
  • Architect: Max Strang
  • Interior Designer: Rafael de Cardenas
  • Development: RoVR
    • Founded by ex-related group veterans Oscar Rodriguez and Ricardo Vadia
  • Delivery: Spring 2018
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