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Britto Art Gallery: Video Wall and Audio Technology

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To meet the clients needs, AHT designed and installed two video walls. One video wall for the gallery and the other video wall for the retail location. The gallery video wall utilizes nine fifty-five inch video displays, and the retail location has six forty-six inch displays.

Both locations have 8 Sonance ceiling speakers for audio, and a commercial-free Pandora system. Video and audio inputs and controls are easily managed with iPads using the Crestron application. As a safety feature, the system automatically shuts down in the case of a fire alarm.


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Kobi Carp Architecture and Brodson Construction challenged AHT to design an audio and video system that could display the art for one of Miami’s most recognizable artists, Britto. People from around the world visit the Lincoln Road Britto Gallery on a daily basis. The goal was to  create an easy to use system for gallery employees and visually compelling video display for gallery and retail guests.

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