Smart Building Design

  • Automation
  • Lights
  • Motorized Shades
  • Climate
  • Building Management
  • Energy Management
  • Digital Signage
  • Video Distribution
  • Audio Distribution
  • Phone Systems
  • Networking
  • Security

What’s Possible

AHT Commercial supplies, designs and installs  Crestron control solutions in any environment.

Building Management

AHT Commercial delivers complete Crestron building management for maximum energy and operational efficiency.

Only Crestron can monitor, manage, and control all the technology throughout the entire facility both centrally and globally. AHT Commercial-designed Crestron touchpanels and interfaces offer global management of all systems and devices building. Monitor and control HVAC, blinds, audio/video distribution and presentation systems throughout the building from the same Crestron touchpanel.

Crestron Buildimg Management


First impressions matter. AHT Commercial delivers technology integration into showrooms. Our most common integration for showrooms includes video walls, lighting, shading, climate and audio.

View the AHT Commercial-installed video wall presentation at Fisher Island’s Palazzo del Sol showroom center.


Luxury residential towers have many moving parts. With an AHT Commercial-installed smart amenity system, the building becomes more organized and manageable. Below are several services that a smart amenity system can include.


  • Bulletin
  • Valet
  • Concierge
  • Messages
  • Beach
  • Maintenance
  • Weather Forecast



Utility bills are a huge expense for every property, but they can be reduced in a big way without compromising on comfort. Crestron Green Light® technology provides total environmental control that conserves energy by combining auto- dimming and daylight harvesting with power switching and load shedding across a resort-wide setting, contributing toward LEED certification, and lower monthly utility costs. Automatically turn off lights and set back thermostats in guest rooms and meeting rooms when vacant. Dim lighting at night in restaurants and lounges, and during the day in lobbies and atriums. Lower thermostats in retail spaces, ballrooms and the fitness centre after hours.

building energy management