Commercial Lighting & Motorized Shades

AHT Commercial simplifies the design and installation of commercial lighting and motorized shading control systems. With the right products and systems designed to work for the building’s needs, our process dramatically reduces the time required to complete each phase of a project while greatly improving efficiency and scalability.

Crestron Automation
Lutron Lighting

A centralized lighting system is one in which all the high-voltage circuits are terminated within an automation enclosure and operate under a central control system. In a centralized design, the high voltage lighting, fans, motors and switch circuits are individually wired directly to the control modules’ enclosure. AHT Commercial can design and install a lighting control solution for the common areas within a building and individual suits or units in MDU’s.



Motorized shades and draperies are a must for commercial buildings with:

  • Large windows
  • Many windows
  • Skylights
  • Second-story openings
  • Windows blocked by furniture


Automated lighting and shading systems translate into year-round savings on electrical, heating and cooling costs. For example, motorized shades and draperies can block 100% of harmful UV rays, reflect 75% of solar radiation, and still let in light. In addition, creating a lighting and shading schedule can dramatically reduce the carbon footprint that a building produces per year.



Buildings’ lighting systems will be controlled witH sleek, in-wall or tabletop touch screens or elegant keypads, complete with back-lit engraved buttons for easy identification and use. Additionally, a number of fabrics and shade options are available to meet the design tastes of any designer or architect.