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Pitch Perfect Audio & Video

AHT Commerical outfits building developments, showrooms and businesses with easy to control distributed audio and video. As an authorized distributor and installer of the brands below, AHT Commercial recommends the best solution to fit our client’s specifications.

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AHT Commercial works with building developers and architects to place speakers strategically throughout common areas, working environments and showroom centers.  Utilizing Crestron’s audio distribution for commercial buildings deliver high quality sound to every desired location in the building. To create the ambiance clients and employees desire,  a Crestron audio distribution system gives flawless audio sounds to any area of any building, with great quality and sound definition.


AHT Commercial works with builders to build custom audio and video distribution systems to specifications. Pre-wiring for audio and video placement allows for:

  • In room solutions
  • In wall speakers
  • Outdoor solutions
  • In cabinet speakers
  • Video wall installation
  • Video display placement


AHT Commercial’s custom programming and user interface design for Crestron control systems are user friendly, while offering a variety of user options. Selecting audio and video sources to distribute content throughout a business or showroom has never been easier.  With Crestron’s mobile app, staff will have the ability to use iOS mobile device as a controller.

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